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How to gain Category Starter?

Do you know who is buying and/or using your products and when they enter your product category?

Albert Klein from AKlein-Consult can show you how to gain crucial category starters and when to approach this important target group. This is because Albert Klein comes with broad experience in gaining category starters from his Management time with Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola.

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Physician Sales Force Folder

Do you have doubts regarding the quality of your physician sales material, also because your reps are not really using the folders?

Albert Klein from AKlein-Consult can solve this issue for you. I will develop a communication strategy that is based on real physician insights. This is the foundation for a professional ad agency briefing and ensures that folders are developed and verified in ‚communication labs‘ with real physicians and real sales reps.

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OGSM: Management by Objectives & Strategies

Are your subordinates not really clear regarding the objectives and the priorization of projects? Then, implementing an OGSM-System will be of great help. OGSM stands for Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures. OGSM is used by many leading corporations and ensures that the different company departments and levels are really focusing on joint Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures.

Albert Klein from AKlein-Consult comes with proven successful knowledge in the implementation and deployment of OGSM from his Management roles with Procter & Gamble in Europe.

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Know-how transfer from FMCG to Rx

Marketing people in Pharmaceutical companies often come with a natural science or medical background. Their standard initial assignment is a sales reps job where they visit physicians. This is often followed by a promotion to a Product Manager role.

However, not all Pharmaceutical companies can provide a sound Marketing training for Junior Product Managers with a natural science or medical background. Important topics are for example Research Briefs towards market research agencies, how to draw conclusions out of market research data, Creative Briefs towards ad agencies, how to manage ad agencies, how to write business summaries and business plans and other topics.

Albert Klein from AKlein-Consult provides support in all these topics. He comes with broad Marketing experience from both FMCG and Pharmaceutical corporations. Thus, he is able to develop taylor-made trainings for your Pharmaceutical Marketing employees: From practical workshops up to 1on1 on-the-job coaching in very concrete projects.

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Agency Selection through Pitches?

Many FMCG and Pharmaceutical companies put huge efforts in the selection or re-assessing of ad agencies. Pitches are often used as the standard tool, in many cases with Briefings towards a number of competing ad agencies. As a result, the entire process is both time and cost intensive.

However, there is another way to professionally select an ad agency. Albert Klein from AKlein-Consult comes with a unique experience as an ad agency Account Executive and from selecting and efficiently leading ad agencies for blue chip FMCG and Pharmaceutical companies.

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